City trash can
Side by Side
with stand

48 Litres:
3,18 Kg
7. lbs
65 Litres:
4,08 Kg
9. lbs
85 Litres:
5,89 Kg
13. lbs
  • Ecological

  • EZ-Lock

  • Easy Grip system

  • Ultra light

  • Perforations for liquid flow
    optional: liquid receptacle for indoor use

  • Durable in any season

  • Without bag


Description and advantages

The UGC-SD001 bin is our double bin model. This offers the possibility of attaching two POS bins, thereby reducing the space required to place multiple garbage bins. It can be placed anywhere and can be used in the same way as the standard model UGC-P001. The base is designed to give a uniform appearance and the inclined cover gives it a fluid profile. You can choose a custom logo to place on the bin.

The urban waste bin is a multi-purpose bin that provides new approaches to waste disposal.Its design allows municipal employees to dispose of waste properly and helps prevent muscle overstrain and injury.

  • It requires no bags, which represents a step forward in the fight against global warming and pollution.
  • The urban waste bin is extremely light; it weighs only seven pounds! It takes up little space and can easily be attached to a pole or fixture, leaving the aisle free of garbage and liquids.
  • It does not interfere with snow removal or street cleaning.
  • The inclined cover that covers the bin prevents passers-by from throwing household waste bags in it.
  • The bottom of the container has small holes to remove liquids (optional: Liquid receptacle for indoor use).
This is really an inexpensive improvement for cities.
Our bin can be adapted to the decor and colors of the city or the district to improve the overall aesthetic aspect of the city.
The urban waste bin is a remarkable waste bin that is CLEAN, GREEN and CONVENIENT.



Standard Urban City Waste Bin



Urban City Waste Bin w/Stand



Back to Back Urban City Waste Bins



Side by Side Urban City Waste Bins



Bottom-collection Urban City Waste Bin